2012-03-15 01:31:35 by Dureku

I am bored...
I think I'll do some drawing, programming or sleeping.
I keep forgetting to upload my art...
Damn my ability to not remember anything besides manga and anime.
Dancing gir!
I did not make that gir. :(
I wish I had.


submitting art & guidelines

2012-03-04 00:55:59 by Dureku

I just read the term of use and guidelines page And I am so happy because I have just found out that It is not looked down upon for a user to take a picture of artwork they made (but cannot scan) and upload it to NG. also if you haven't read that yet you should check it out. I will definitely be uploading some art tomorrow (sorry that I haven't uploaded any art yet).

Art and and my page.

2012-02-18 17:18:06 by Dureku

Hello this is Dureku. I am new to Newgrounds (only in the sense of having an account) and I will probably be uploading lots of scans of art I have drawn that you may like. If you have any cool art that you did that you would like me to see just pm me or email it to me (I really like fan, anime style, manga style and simply cute art.). Also if your'e wondering what the hell my name is, it's just the Japanese translation for the Drake which is a type of dragon.